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Sunrise Panels are back!
We have some ready at the Weaving Studio, and you might also be able to order your preferred size and colour – please scroll down for prices and contact us for details and availability.

Sunrise panels at the Weaving Studio, April 2021

Sunrise Panel:
All Sunrise panels are 51 inches / 131 cm wide.
Fringe: at least 12 inches / 30 cm high, £125
Small: 7-9 inches / 18-22 cm high, £175
Medium: 13-15 inches / 33-38 cm high, £350
Large: 21-25 inches / 54-64 cm high, £525
Drumduan: 38-42 inches / 97-107 cm high (please contact us for availability)
(For comparison, the panel that was in the Park Main Sanctuary at Findhorn was a large size, the one in the Park Building sanctuary is a Drumduan.)

Crystal Light panel:
All Crystal Light panels are 18 inches / 44 cm wide
Mini: 7 inches / 15 cm high
Fringe: approx. 12 inches / 30 cm high, most of it fringe
Small: 8 inches / 18 cm high
Medium: 10 inches / 25 cm high
Large: 15 inches / 37 cm high
Extra large: 19 inches / 48cm high
Once Crystal Light panels are available again, prices will range from approx £80 to £200. We will announce availability and prices here, so do visit us again!

Star of Bethlehem panel:
Colours available may vary, please ask.
21×18 inches / 51×44 cm
Once Star of Bethlehem panels are available again, the price will be in the range of approx £180. We will announce availability and prices here, so do visit us again!

We also offer a range of scarves, hats, wrist warmers, wraps, towels and handwoven jewellery, please ask for details.

Ordering details:
To order please contact us at
or phone +44 (0)1309 690712.
We accept cheques (UK banks only), bank transfer or PayPal payments. Please ask for details.

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